Tuesday, 3 July 2012

BreezeAds Payment Proof | Review

Hi ! Friends today i want to tell u about Breezeads Payment Proof and little information about breezeads 

so i want to tell u about the Admin of Breezeads
well he is a very nice person and helps every of his member and also he care his publishers and advertisers also as well

you can also give it a try ...

Breezeads is Paying i have got paid from breezeads by Moneybooker and i will post payment proof soon here
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so i need ur comment on it ... u give comment anonymously also it is very easy to comment here no captcha but don't spam dont post any link here ...


Here is my 1st Payment proof from Breezeads with Moneybooker

i received payment in 2 parts as there is problem with payments but they paid to all members ... :) 


  1. Hallo rana asad how can i recive my BreezeAds Payment in my alart pay account?
    pls give me answare....
    how amount i need to withdraw?

    1. minimum 10$ payout and send them a support ticket that u need to be paid with alertpay (payza) send them your Payza id also as well :)

      happy Earning

  2. hallo rana asad breeze ads is fake they don't give this month payment.....

  3. yeah i think they are scam ... :(

    they banned me Admin said that i am getting traffic from PTC sites when i show him proof then he said that i made 5 accounts on his site but i never made more than 1 account on breezeads

    1 of my friend made an account on breezeads he have no phone num so he give my phone no on breezeads and in company he and me have no company so we both write Rajput inc. it'e not a company it's just a cast as we are rajputs we write rajputs inc both ...
    that's why he banned me and my friend ... :(

    They are scam ...

  4. it s a scam, it s for sale now,
    All this site ads are for the same person lives in panama

    sales link