Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cbeckads 3rd Payment Proof (Paying site)

Hello Friends :
                 i have received my 3rd payment from cbeckads it is 23.85$s so i received 3rd payment and in total of 56$s

it is free give it a try i hope u will also get your Payment as i am getting E-mails that they are not Paying but in real they are paying give it a try as i am getting my payment u will also get it ...

Here is the 3rd Payment proof of Cbeck Ads :

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Eleavers Payment Proof | Review

Hi!! Friends

today i want to show u the proof that is paying to their members yesterday i got paid from them and also the Admin is a nice person and ads working very fine with them

i have personally tested the site ...

in my reviews this site is also a best site to earn a great income and also to Advertise our site because advertisement is very cheap on eleavers just 0.0001$ for a unique view and also i hear that advertiser can sale their ebay and other products and when they advertise on this site they get many many sales through this site ...

Big thing is that it is free so why not to give it a try ...

Here is the Payment Proof from Eleavers

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

BreezeAds Payment Proof | Review

Hi ! Friends today i want to tell u about Breezeads Payment Proof and little information about breezeads 

so i want to tell u about the Admin of Breezeads
well he is a very nice person and helps every of his member and also he care his publishers and advertisers also as well

you can also give it a try ...

Breezeads is Paying i have got paid from breezeads by Moneybooker and i will post payment proof soon here
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so i need ur comment on it ... u give comment anonymously also it is very easy to comment here no captcha but don't spam dont post any link here ...


Here is my 1st Payment proof from Breezeads with Moneybooker

i received payment in 2 parts as there is problem with payments but they paid to all members ... :) 

Monday, 2 July 2012

My 2nd Payment From Cbeckads (Proof) Review

CbeckAds Payment Proof: 

Review: (Paying)

hello friends i am here again with the next payment of mine from cbeckads ... i got paid 2nd time as i already told u that this site is paying if your click are legit ...

u can also give it a try ...

check cbeckads Payment Proof here:

u can also join under me ... i will not earn so much from u ... i will earn only 0.01$ per click from u but i can guide u well with it ..

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this is my july 2012 payment proof from cbeckads..

i will post more payment proofs if i get paid from them...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Cbeckads Payment Proofs

Hello Friends

many of us saying that Aclarn inc. is scam but when i search on it personally i got paid on 1st month when i joined ... but next month i only made 8$ so still search on CbeckAds 

Here is the 1st Payment proof of Cbeck Ads :

                                                  Here is the 2nd Payment proof of Cbeck Ads :

Here is the 3rd Payment proof of Cbeck Ads :

so if u want to help me to do more search on this site please join under me and stay tuned i will post here that this site is paying or not ..

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